Beatufiul San Antonio, a city of over 2.15 million people, is one of the fastest growing cities in America. Such a large amount of growth creates huge opportunities to make money. The team at Couch Capital has worked hard to bring you a solid list of legitimate ways to make money in San Antonio. The list below consists of web based money making ideas in San Antonio and non-web based.

How to Make Money in San Antonio - Check out San Antonio's Facebook Page

1. Start a local Text Message Marketing business in San Antonio - This is a very simple business idea that has the potential to make big money especially if you are well connected in San Antonio. Go around to local businesses and offer to text their products for whatever set amount that you want to charge.

2. Start a local pc business - Compared to the rest of the country the residents of San Antonio are not the most tech savvy bunch. A person could make decent money repairing computers.

3. Donate plasma for money - CSL Plasma has two locations in San Antonio where you can donate plasma and receive cash on the spot in return. Some donors are making $300 dollars a month from donating.

3655 Fredericksburg Road. #107
San Antonio, TX 78201
M-F 8-6, Sat 8-4
Ph: 210-736-2824

8725 Marbach Road, #275
San Antonio, TX 78227
M-F 7-7, Sat-Sun 7-2
Ph: 210-675-4521  Fax: 210-675-4523

4. Find a job in San Antonio - As crazy as it might sound, looking for employement in the city of San Antonio is a very viable money making option. Sites like CareerBuilder and ResumeRabbit can help you in your search!

5. Host a Gold Party - With Premier Gold Parties you can throw a gold party for 10+ friends. Your friends bring their old gold jewlery and the Premier Gold staff ways it and gives them cash on the spot.

6. Empowered Mom's - This page was started by a local San Antonio woman. If you are a mom looking to make money in the business world join today! They hold frequent meetings and events.

More coming soon!

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